Miércoles, noviembre 5, 2014

¿Vale la pena huir del paro para caer en la inestabilidad laboral? ¿Que tu jefe pudiera cambiar tus horarios cada día, durante el mismo día… avisándote apenas unas horas antes? ¿Y si cada vez más abusos estuvieran acogidos dentro del incierto marco de la legalidad? En España, este panorama que obliga a elegir entre paro [...]

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At least 17 people died when a boat carrying hundreds of migrants sank in waters between Libya and southern Italy, navy officials say. Some 200 others were rescued from the boat, which went down south of the Italian island of Lampedusa. This comes a day after it emerged that 36 migrants drowned last week when [...]


More than 100,000 undocumented migrants have breached the border-crossing between Ventimiglia and Menton in a year, sneaking from Italy to France, French newspaper Le Figaro reported Monday, citing a classified police report. The paper said the figure regarding the coastal route represents a ”dossier that has become particularly sensitive for the interior ministry, in the [...]